Actimentia is an Erasmus+ project that has the purpose of promoting physical activity to people with mild dementia through a free online physical activity program.

How we created the virtual exercises for the “actimentia.org” platform


The development of Actimentia will be divided into 5 main Intellectual Outputs, with specific activities and tasks:

IO1 – Baseline study and impact of physical activity on dementia patients

The scope of the baseline study is to define the education and training priorities of the project case studies. The objective is to select the right forms of physical activity and ways of applying it to home and community care. It should be based on a meticulous study in order to bring the best possible results in terms of physical, mental and social benefits for dementia patients and their caregivers.

At the end of this evaluation study, a guide will be prepared to summarize the training strategy and to define the content elements of the training.

IO2 – Development of the Actimentia education and training content

Based on the results from the IO1, the content development aims to provide a complete and well-established training material for the formal/informal caregivers.

1. Pedagogical plan

The Pedagogical plan purpose in to define the different training modules and methods that will be combined for the training of formal/informal caregivers in physical exercising.

2. Training content development

The content development of the ACTIMENTIA project is to develop basic skills on physical exercising and activity for formal/informal caregivers so that they can use them regularly, during their care giving tasks, for maintaining the wellbeing of their beneficiaries, as well as for themselves, and for preventing excessive stress and burnout.

The basic characteristic of these courses is that they will be simple in their execution, for both the caregivers and the elderly, in the home or in the community environment.
The structure of the training content consists of three learning pathways (LP) that will be delivered through the e-learning platform and tools, and a fourth separate learning pathway dedicated on experiential learning where learners will have the opportunity to practice their acquired knowledge.

IO3 – ACTIMENTIA platform development

The Actimentia e-learning platform will be an open educational resources environment offering e-learning modules adapted for use to all formal and informal caregivers and relevant adult and lifelong learning providers, social care and dementia care stakeholders, elderly care organizations and communities. It will be implemented following an open architecture approach allowing extensibility, easiness of access, and constant adaptation to new teaching material.

The platform apart from the main sections dedicated to the training material will contain:

  • A series of training videos created by project partner’s expert professionals on physical activity and exercising in different situations with advice and tips on how to perform the training material.
  • An interactive serious game (Exergame application).
  • A virtual community of practice application allowing the exchange of information and experience between learners.

IO4 – Piloting and validation

The main purpose of this output is to test the overall structure of the project and to verify if valid results within the project cover the needs of the final users.

Piloting will take place in the “real life” working conditions of the pilot partners under the supervision of the trainer experts of each partner.

IO5 – Guidelines and recommendations – Certification

The main aim of this intellectual output is the realization of certain actions that will consolidate the ACTIMENTIA platform as a useful training tool for social care professionals and for the personal use of interested learners.

Parallel to this, a certification for the overall training course will be planned as a valuable tool for the validation of the platform through the established education and training national channels.

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